Goodnight, Jack.

Yesterday, I lost my best friend. Jack wasn’t overly affectionate but he made it clear when he wanted pets. He was always vocal about wanting food or how he felt when we took him to get his nails trimmed. I always wanted to know what he was thinking and often wondered if he thought, “Oh Mom, you’re going to wear that today?” He turned five less than a month ago – he had so much life left and I don’t understand why we had to say goodbye so soon.

Jack2For about a month, Jack’s behavior had changed. He stopped eating as much, had trouble walking, and mentally checked out. In less than 24 hours, Jack couldn’t walk without falling and had head tremors. Watching him was painful because we knew he was suffering. Selfishly, I wanted to run every test and fight, but I was just buying time at his expense.

JackJack was more than a pet. We fell in love when we first saw him. He immediately jumped into Matt’s lap and from that moment, he was part of the family. Jack had been abused by previous owners and it sickens me to think that maybe all those years of abuse led to his passing. Still, I know that we gave him a good and happy life. He was spoiled and I’d do anything to go back in time and spoil him even more.

Jack3Jack was there for me during some of the toughest times. He made Pittsburgh bearable and I’m devastated that he won’t be here for the next chapter. I know Jill and Max miss him. They’ve been sitting on the windowsill waiting for him to come home. I can’t help but look, too.

Max and Jill

Jack, I miss you so much. I haven’t stopped crying since we got home from the vet because you were supposed to come back home with us. I choose to believe that you’ll watch over the family and keep your siblings in check. Please know that I will no longer tell people that I rescued you because the truth is, you rescued me.

Goodnight, Jack; I love you.

Goodnight Jack

RIP Jack
March 21, 2008-April 16, 2013

Jack's Shrine

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