RainbowsI can’t believe it’s July. What happened to June? May? April? Mar–okay, you get it.

Matt and I left Thursday night for Fremont, IN. According to Google Maps, the trip should’ve taken four and a half hours. WRONG. More like five and a half. Anyway, we arrived at the lake house around 10:30pm and after saying hello to family, we quickly said good night.

Friday morning, we had breakfast and hit the outlet mall. We did some damage even though it didn’t seem like it at the time.


ReceiptsAfter we “shopped until we dropped”, we watched the adorable pups go for a swim. I’m all about swimming, but there was an intense breeze and I wasn’t having it. I decided to put my new camera to good use and I’m glad I did.

Mac and Skye

Mac and Skye Life Jackets

Mac and Skye Swimming

Schatzi SwimmingAren’t they so precious!? Seriously, I had so much fun watching them have a blast. After the furbabies had fun in the sun, we headed to dinner at Ole Lake George Retreat. I ordered the Sashimi Tuna and it was fabulous.

Sashimi TunaThe tuna was seared perfectly and I wish I could’ve had a few more plates. After dinner, we got ice cream at Scoops. I should’ve taken a picture, but I didn’t waste time devouring my two scoops of Bear Claw. It was seriously amazing and I miss it. Like, a lot.

SkyeWhen we got home, we just relaxed on the deck. Skye was my buddy and kept me company until another dog walked by. Then he left me, which is the story of my life. *enter ugly cry face*

Deck @ SunsetMatt and I left Saturday afternoon and while it was a short trip, it was nice to get away even just for a little while.

I hope you guys had a wonderful Fourth of July!

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