Where in the World Is Catey Sandiego?

Do you remember that show? I do and miss. it. so. much. Anyway, it’s been a while and I apologize for that. Life has been cray! A good cray, of course. Why do I keep saying cray? Cray.

Moving on, let me explain what’s been going on WITH GIFs because life isn’t complete without them.

  1. I went from being an independent contractor to a full-time employee at Formstack. (Waahoo!)
  2. I leave for Jamaica in 3 days. (YUSSS!)
  3. I fly out to Indy to meet all my co-workers in 13 days. (*fist pump minus the sweaty pits*)
  4. I get to watch Matt run the Philly half in 18 days. (Go Matt, go!)
  5. Matt and I start Financial Peace University. (Make it rain!)
  6. Random, but I ran 6 miles. 6! No GIF necessary.

We’re only 3 days in, but I’m loving September. I mean, I’m probably going to get sick and perhaps lose my mind a few times, but it’s worth it.

It’s totally worth it.

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6 Responses to Where in the World Is Catey Sandiego?

  1. sagelit says:

    I had a pang to watch it about 3 weeks ago, and discovered you can find them on Youtube!! I must have binge watched half of them before realizing how lame I was.


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