Oh September, where have you gone?

Wow, it’ll be October in two days. Math, amirite? But in all seriousness, the last time I blogged, I did a recap of how my month would go and now, now it’s almost over and we’re entering the holiday season.

I had a great time in Jamaica, Indy, and Philly. Well, not so much Philly, but that’s beside the point. Now, time for pics galore because that’s all you’re here for, right? Right!

Also, 99.9% of these pics are from Instagram because ain’t nobody got time for fresh pics.

JAMAICA 9/6-9/11:


I hate flying, but pictures like this, well, it kind of makes up for it.


Miami definitely photographs well.

The Cruiser

This was my first drink in months and months and months. I definitely needed one after long flights and too many people up in my personal space.

Breaking records

So, we ran the first two days of our cruise. It’s not easy running while on a giant, rocking boat. However, I was so annoyed that I apparently ran faster and broke dem records!


It rained a lot, which was depressing. Still, I made the most of it.

Bobsleddin' in Ocho Rios

This was my favorite excursion at Ocho Rios. We were on a bobsled… the speed controlled by my husband… he never used the brakes. There’s a video of me just screaming and laughing.

Grand Cayman: Stingrays

I was most excited about this excursion, but the tide ruined all the fun. Still, I was able to pet a stringray. They’re pretty cute even with their barb.

Rasta Pasta!

We decided to reward ourselves with some delicious, non-cruise food. I had the Rasta Pasta, which had the Best. Jerk. Chicken. Ever.

Towel Animals

Everysinglenight, we’d come across some kind of towel art on our bed. One freaked us out. Can you guess which one? If not, let me give you a hint: The one that looks like it’s wearing a straitjacket.


Thanks, Carnival!


Thanks, pretty sunsets!


We had a lot of fun, but were thankful to get back to Miami and head home.


Cheeseballs + Shaving cream

Field Day consisted of fun and messy games. This one was my favorite because the burning sensation told me to say that.

Cuban breakfast with pork sausage

Seriously, the best breakfast I’ve ever had. Cuban breakfast with pork sausage at Patachou’s (aka Patchy).


Impromptu group pic. Also, why am I the only one genuinely smiling?

Sugar packet napkins

I ate a potsticker that was more goo than anything else. I was given sugar packets instead of napkins. Thanks guys!

Thanks for the memories, Indy!

I miss Indy + Formstackers, but at least I have this awesome mug to remember the trip.

PHILLY 9/20-9/21:

Sheraton Downtown Philadelphia

This was our view from the Sheraton Downtown Philadelphia. What makes this view so awesome is that we got our club deluxe room FO FREE.

Logan Circle Fountain

Logan Circle Fountain

RnR Philly Marathon

Tons of people showed up for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon.


Another medal to add to Matt’s growing collection.


Homebound for real.

Oh and just because…

iPhone 6

This is my new bestie, Penny. She’s awesome.

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