The Soap Box: 2014 Fall Edition



The Details: $19.99 (U.S.), $28.00 (Canada), $38.00 (International) for a quarterly subscription box. Inside, there’s a cutely, decorated card letting you know the name of the products and how to use them.

%22There's No Place Like Home%22 Fortune Cookie Soap

“There’s No Place Like Home” Fortune Cookie Soap: It was love at first smell. I’m a huge fan of cinnamon and this was straight up cinnamon soap with a hint of ginger and other spices. The soap can definitely get a little funky if you don’t store it properly so I also purchased the Exfoliating Soap Saver Bath Accessory.

Fortune: “People seldom see the halting and painful steps by which the most insignificant success is achieved.” -Anne Sullivan


"Roy G. Biv" OCD Hand Sanitizer

Photo courtesy of

“Roy G. Biv” OCD Hand Sanitizer: I was a huge a fan of last season’s hand sanitizer. This time around, not so much. It smells like rubbing alcohol, mixed with nail polish remover. It was supposed to smell like “dusky breezes and bonfires, wind-blown leaves and charred woods brightened by notes of lemon, mandarin, cotton blossom and soft vanilla”. Yeah, no.


%22BFFS%22 Whipped Cream

“BFFS” Whipped Cream: If you love the smell of pumpkin pie, you’ll love this whipped cream. This has a body butter consistency, which can be hard to apply. Just warm it up in your hands and you should be good to go.


%22Swankified%22 Walnut Facial Scrub

“Swankified” Walnut Facial Scrub: I feel like FCS makes the absolute best facial scrubs. Exfoliating and moisturizing at the same time – unheard of! It smells exactly like the description: walnuts, cake batter, and bananas. I tried to order the full size and it’s been sold out for a while. I’m a sad panda.


"Miss Popular" Bubble Bath Powder

Just imagine this in powder form. Photo courtesy of

“Miss Popular” Bubble Bath Powder: I’ll be honest, the powder looks like cocaine/anthrax and I don’t want to bathe in that. I know I’m being ridiculous, but I’ve never been a fan of “bath powder”.


%22Hair Flip%22 Hair Oil

“Hair Flip” Hair Oil: A little goes a long way and this stuff works wonders. This fixes flyaways and adds major shine to your hair. I can definitely see this being perfect for the fall and winter months. The scent? Hazelnut and vanilla. The taste? Well, just stick to the scent. Also, where’s the label!?


"Flying Monkeys" Personal Space Air Freshener:

Photo courtesy of

“Flying Monkeys” Personal Space Air Freshener: It smelled like cough medicine. No one wants a room to smell like cough medicine. Unless you’re congested because you’re sick. Then maybe you’d want something to smell like cough medicine.


%22The Shiz%22 Perfume Oil

“The Shiz” Perfume Oil: Shiz pretty much sums up this product. I took a whiff and immediately threw it away because no one should ever want to smell like “a woodland hike through damp balsam woods, with top notes of maple leaves blowing through new dawn blossom, laurel and sweet clove”. Let’s dwell on some keywords that make me cringe: woodland hike, damp, leaves. Oh and again, where’s the label!?

I wasn’t a huge fan of this season’s soap box so here’s to hoping that Winter’s box brings me joy.

Are any of you subscribed to The Soap Box? If you’d like more information or want to secure a spot for Winter’s box, check out this link: Subscribe to The Soap Box.

Disclaimer: The products shown in this post were purchased by me and not provided by The Soap Box for review. For more information, please read the Disclosure Policy.

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