Happy (early) Holidays!

happy-holidayI just wanted to wish you all Happy Holidays! I’m excited to stay in Pittsburgh and spend time with friends and family. (Shout-out to my family and friends in Chicago!)

I’m probably going to stay offline for a couple of weeks (with the exception of Instagram, of course) so I wanted to wish you all well and we’ll talk in… 2015.

I hope yins have an amazing holiday season. Have lots of fun AND stay safe. Until next time, my friends! :) OH and here are a couple of cute, funny, cat memes because you know, why not?

2013-12-26_12.59.26_22 1475928_744380855573594_266869850_n

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8 Responses to Happy (early) Holidays!

  1. Happy New Year Cate the Okay. Great name

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  2. And thanks for the follow, looking forward to reading your blog

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