February should be spelled Feburary.

So, my last post was on January 4th. I’d say I’m doing pretty well with blogging, wouldn’t you agree? There’s really no excuse. I’ve been busy and maaaybe too lazy to blog, but here I am and here we go.

Blue Apron
Matt and I have been using Blue Apron since December and it’s been going well. Nothing is too difficult to cook; however, some meals look questionable so the whole cooking process seems pointless. We’re trying new things and are pleasantly surprised with some of the dishes.

Chicken with Potato Latkes & Crème Fraîche

 “Ombre, bro!”
My hair has always been… blah. Plain black, not jet black like Claudia from The Baby-Sitters Club, but frizzy and charcoal looking. (BTW, I’ve read every single book in that series. #proud) Anyway, I decided to do something to my hair:

What’s up, Ombro?

I’m diggin’ it. It’s definitely more intense when straightened, but that’s my middle name… Catherine “Intense Hair”. My husband now calls me “Ombro” because you know, nicknames.

Istanbul Sofra
Good food, awful service. My boss sent me a gift card to try out a new restaurant, which was perfect because Matt and I are trying new foods. Apparently, Chipotle 24/7 isn’t healthy. Anyway, thanks again, Byers!

Cigarette Borek and Shish Kebab

Sick Furbaby :(
Jill has been sick. We recently found out she has heart murmurs and is now battling a respiratory infection. We’ll probably need to take her to the vet again and that just sucks. We took Jill to the vet on her birthday and it reminded me of when we took Jack to the vet on his birthday and then he died a month later. I was (still am) emotional because if you know me, you know I love my cats often times more than humans. I hate seeing my furbabies in pain so prayers are appreciated.

Poor Jillygirl.

Financial Peace University
We finished the course a little while ago and it was awesome. We learned a lot and we’ve changed the way we view and handle money.

How I feel when I’m kicking debt’s butt.

We’re down to paying off our last chunk of debt. It’ll probably take a year or so, but we see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s encouraging. My only regret? Not starting FPU sooner.

Matthew ❤
I love February solely for the fact that it’s my husband’s birth month. I don’t know what I’d do without him. He truly is my better half. Happy Birthday, Mr. Ganinanator!

Me and my boo!


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