Oh yeah. WordPress.

It’s funny. I got an email from WordPress saying it was going to renew my blog and I was all like, “What blog?” and the email was all like, “Cate the Okay”, and I was like:


This is how it went.

So much has happened, but I honestly can’t remember any of it. I start to jot things down and then everything becomes a giant doodle of bumblebees and I don’t even care for them, really.

May has been a fun month! I ran a 5K with my husband and then watched him run a full marathon the next day, went to Amarillo and OKC, chopped off my hair and got it re-ombred (that’s a word, right?), and turned 31. I prefer 31 over 30 because now, I’m officially in my 30’s. People who turn 30 go through a year of denial – that’s the worst. I’m finally working on my sleeve so yay for progress and yay for tattoos and yay for life. Yay.

I’ll admit that I do have a lot on my mind and a lot to process, but I’m alive and well. No complaints, no ragrets. Not even a single letter.

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